Yalikavak Souvenirs: Fridge Magnets

Yalikavak Souvenirs Fridge Magnets

Shopping for Souvenirs

There’s plenty of shopping opportunities in Yalikavak, but with all of the restrictions imposed by airlines about how much luggage you can check-in or carry-on, you have to think carefully about what souvenirs you take back home with you.

While you may not mind lugging back a gourd light of picture for yourself, if you’re committed to taking back a small souvenir for 1/2 dozen of your closest friends, you need to plan wisely.

One of the easiest solutions is to pick up a selection of fridge magnets. for your nearest and dearest.

This way everyone can have something a little bit unique, and it won’t break the bank.

Yalikavak Fridge Magnets
Yalikavak Souvenirs Fridge Magnets

Here’s a selection of fridge magnets I found at one of the shops in the pedestrian area of Yalikavak. They’re made from fused glass and the simple designs have a simplicity and naivety about them, and represent different elements of Yalikavak.

If you want a generic option … an evil eye magnet is an ideal solution, or you can opt for an aquatic themed design .. or even one that says “Yalikavak”.

Yalikavak Souvenirs Fridge Magnets

Happy Shopping!